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I have been going here for years - best, best therapists ever! This time I am going after a total knee replacement. I am so very thankful for them - therapy has been tough but the people have made it so much easier! Shoutout to Alice, Hannah, Courtney, Michael & Katie for all of their encouragement! I could not have done this without all of you! When I was at my lowest, they kept telling me how good I was doing and just encouraged me to keep trying! Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you have done for me!


I just completed 8 weeks of physical therapy to build muscle, strength, and endurance after chemotherapy and Whipple Surgery for pancreatic cancer (am currently cancer free). I was so weak, I could barely get up out of a chair. I feel so much stronger, thanks to the caring and creative staff at Chilton Physical Therapy. They know what they are doing, and you will get a workout, but there is also an element of fun, laughter, and encouragement along the way. I made sure I did the exercises at home on the days I did not go to their facility, so that I would build that habit at home to keep improving. I highly recommend Chilton Physical Therapy!!!